Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd
Registration No: 19940584H

Our Company Profile

Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1994 and licensed by Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD) to:

  1. Provide quality security manpower services to the clients in Singapore.
    • Experienced security management team.
    • Distinguish and excellent track records.
  2. Provide a career to the employees with commensurate benefits.
    • Attracting remuneration packages.
    • Invest in training of security employees.
    • Career progression for security employees.
  3. Be a reliable partner of clients in rendering professional security services.
    • Once a week visit by the management to site to understand the current satisfaction level.
    • We aim to invest in the training of our employees (building skills and knowledge to reach desired state).
      Through the weekly visits, training will be customised and external training provider will be engaged to conduct the training on site.

The company incorporates up-to-date security equipments and promotes total security system operations complementing the security manpower services.

To maintain professionalism in the industry, the company will embrace and adopt relevant and holistic training for its employees. The company will be committed to ensure all employees are sponsored and trained in security and customer service related courses.

Company Structure and Organisation

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