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Security Personnel of Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd

Manpower Selection

Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd's selection philosophy is to find and have the right people with job-fit, and industry-fit.
Candidates must possess the attitude, skills & knowledge to meet current and future challenges to achieve goals and objectives.
The princial consideration is to recruit candidates that meet the training requirements of the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).
Successful candidates will be employed as Security Officers sponsored and trained in prescribed courses required by PLRD.

The Supervisor shall have at least 1 (one) year supervisory experience and in addition, complete the required Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) modules.

In addition, candidates shall attend the Basic Safety Course to meet the Wokrplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) requirements.
Preferred candidates recruited are those with secondary education with a pass in English (writing and oral).

Security officers shall have the pre-requisites work competencies under the WSQ as required by the PLRD and Basic Safety Course to meet WSHA requirements.

As part of human resource development, staff identified having potential for higher or increased responsibilities will be nominated to attend related security courses.
In addition, security officers will be trained in:

  • Effective communications
  • Telephone etiquetes
  • Personal grooming
  • First aid
  • Report writing
  • Risk assesment
  • Security profiling

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