Experienced Security Management Team
We provide quality security manpower services to the Clients in Singapore.

Our Goal

We firmly adopt the business strategy to penetrate the security industry through service differentiation. The ability to service clients with higher value is a challenging task as they are often the more demanding ones. The challenge to meet such expectations and the ability to deliver such service level will be the priority in order to position Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd in a stronger steed for more business, continual growth and boundless opportunities.

Most of all, Enhance Security (S) Pte Ltd will endeavour to provide our clients their needs in Enhancing their security.

Our Company's Value

  • Enhancing an Integrated System of Control
  • Maintaining highest standard of Security Protection
  • Competitive through Innovation and Productivity

Our Company's Mission

Enhancing and maintaining a reliable and efficient standard of security protection system to satisfy customer's requirements and needs.

Why Us

  • Relevant Experience

    Relevance experience in providing security services at different types of facilities - factories, industrial buildings, hotels, hostels, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, and others.

  • Quality Competent Staff

    Ability to attract and recruit quality competent staff who are WSQ trained and meet the PLRD requirements.

  • Stable

    Stable financial status.

  • Focus

    Management team with clear mission, vission, and strong values statement.

  • Fair Employment Practices

    Adopt fair employment practices and invest in the development of employees' growth through progressive developments and training.

  • Rewards & Incentive Policy

    Commensurate rewards and incentives policy too attract, retain, and motivate staff.

  • Knowledgeable

    Understanding of regulatory requirements from the various government agencies.

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